Contribute to our public tree planting efforts in honor of your loved one

Make a gift at the link below of any size and your donation can support the planting of native trees on school campuses, in parks, or other public green spaces during our annual celebration of Louisiana Arbor Day. Per your instructions and the contact information you share, we will notify an honoree or the family of the memorialized loved one with an acknowledgment of your generous donation.

Have Baton Rouge Green Plant a Living Memorial Tree

For those who have just the spot for planting a tree to honor a loved one, we can arrange to plant a tree of your choice in a specific location, including your private property or a public space that will accept this gift and ensure the tree is cared for.

The cost of a Living Memorial Tree planting starts at $1,000, and is further determined by the location, tree species and size, among other factors. The donation gift includes the purchase of the tree, planting labor, mulch and staking, irrigation, and 1-year warranty for establishment of the tree. Memorial plantings can also be scheduled to involve close family and friends of the loved one.
Baton Rouge Green does not own property or have an arranged location for these plantings. The planting site must be secured by the donor, and the host must agree to the long-term care of the Living Memorial Tree beyond the 1-year warranty period.

To discuss options for planting a Living Memorial Tree, please email