The TREE SPREE at Clegg’s Nursery is Saturday, Nov. 2 – Check out the list of lovelies available

The TREE SPREE at Clegg’s Nursery is Saturday, Nov. 2 – Check out the list of lovelies available

SATURDAY, November 2nd
Clegg’s Siegen Lane location ONLY
8am to 1pm

Baton Rouge Green and Clegg’s Nursery have teamed up for the third annual TREE SPREE, just in time for Louisiana tree planting season, which runs from December through February.

  • Clegg’s will be stocked up with the hard-to-find native trees and shrubs that Baton Rouge Green experts encourage citizens to use in their landscapes, such as Sweet Bay Magnolia, PawPaw, Swamp Red Maples, and many varieties of fruit-bearing trees and shrubs.
  • Clegg’s will donate 20% of the proceeds of all “Baton Rouge Green Approved” tagged trees back to the organization.
  • Baton Rouge Green tree and plant experts will also be on hand to answer questions, talk with shoppers, and help them find the “right tree for the right place” in their yard.


Species on the lot will include:

5,7,15,30galAcer rubrum drummondiiSwamp Red Maple
3galAcer barbatumSouthern Sugar Maple
1gal,3galAsimina trilobaPawpaw
3galCallicarpa americanaAmerican Beautyberry
3galCarpinus carolinianaAmerican Hornbeam
3galCephalanthus occidentalisCommon Buttonbush
3galChionanthus virginicusGrancy Greybeard
7,15galChionanthus retususChinese Fringe Tree
3,15galCitrus aurantifoliaKey Lime
3,15galCitrus reticulata ‘Brown Select’Brown Select Satsuma
3,15galCitrus reticulata ‘Owari’Owari Satsuma
3,15galCitrus meyeriMeyer Lemon
3,15galCitrus paradisiRuby Red Grapefruit
3galCrataegus marshalliiParsleyhaw
3galCrataegus opacaMayhaw
3galCyrilla racemifloraSwamp Titi
3galDiospyros virginianaCommon Persimmon
4galFicus carica ‘Brown Turkey’Brown Turkey Fig
4galFicus carica ‘Celeste’Celeste Fig
3galFortunella crassifoliaSweet Kumquat
3galIlex cassineDahoon Holly
3galIlex decidua ‘Warren’s Red’Possumhaw Holly
3galIlex vomitoria ‘Hoskins Shadow’Native Yaupon
3galIllicium floridanumStarbush
3galItea virginicaVirginia Willow
5,10,30galLagerstroemia Indica ‘Natchez’Natchez Crape Myrtle
3galMagnolia aheiAshe’s Big-Leaf Magnolia
3galMagnolia grandifloraSouthern Magnolia
30galMagnolia grandiflora ‘Southern Charm’Teddy Bear Southern Magnolia
3,10galMagnolia virginiana var. australisEvergreen Sweetbay Magnolia (single trunk)
7,15,30galMagnolia virginiana var. australisEvergreen Sweetbay Magnolia (multi trunk)
15galNyssa sylvatica var. WildfireBlack Gum
3,7,10galOsmanthus fragransSweet Olive
3galPinus glabraSpruce Pine
3galPinus palustrisLongleaf Pine
3galQuercus albaWhite Oak
5,15,30galQuercus nutalliNutall Oak
5,15galQuercus shummardiShummard Oak
5,7,15,30galQuercus virginianaLive Oak
10galStyrax americanusAmerican Snowbell
5,7,15,30galTaxodium distichumBald Cypress
3,15galTaxodium distichum var. nutansPond Cypress
3galTilia americanaBasswood
1,3galVaccinium ashei ‘Climax’Climax Blueberry
1,3galVaccinium ashei ‘Premier’Premier Blueberry
1,3galVaccinium ashei ‘Tifblue’Tifblue Blueberry