Living Roadways Sponsor Spotlight: Todd Graves & Raising Cane’s – 10+ years of support!

Living Roadways Sponsor Spotlight: Todd Graves & Raising Cane’s – 10+ years of support!
Todd Graves

(Photo courtesy of Raising Cane’s, featuring Todd and Cane III)

Raising Cane’s has been a generous partner to Baton Rouge Green for over 10 years, having contributed nearly $50,000 in event and Living Roadways sponsorships. Founder/CEO Todd Graves is a true tree lover and Baton Rouge booster! Todd and his wife Gwen even co-chaired and served as Masters of Ceremonies two consecutive years for our previous fundraising gala, Green Paradise. In 2018, Todd doubled down and added three new Living Roadways sites to their annual contributions to Baton Rouge Green. We can’t thank them enough for planting it forward! ONE LOVE!

We had three questions for the gregarious Founder:

Why does Raising Cane’s choose to support Baton Rouge Green and Living Roadways?
Raising Cane’s first got involved with Baton Rouge Green in 2007 because I truly believe in what they do to beautify Baton Rouge. I grew up here and over the years, there has been so much growth and development. While that’s great, we’ve lost a lot of our tree cover and natural beauty. Baton Rouge Green has an important role sustaining our community trees and green spaces.

What’s your favorite type of tree?
A live oak — its strength and beautify is unrivaled. Live Oaks make me think of LSU and Baton Rouge so they symbolize home for me.

Do you have a special memory of a particular tree or a forest experience that you would be willing to share?
In 2015, our family was featured on Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters as Pete Nelson built a three story 1200 square foot treehouse on our property. It was incredible experience but the best part about it is getting to spend time in the tree. It’s an entirely different perspective being in the treetops. I love to relax and even work up there. It’s a special place. (pictured above)


Canes sign