Living Roadways Sponsor Spotlight: Bayou Tree Service

Living Roadways Sponsor Spotlight: Bayou Tree Service

Bayou Tree Service has been a supporter of Baton Rouge Green for many years, but in 2017 came aboard as a Living Roadways sponsor for the first time. You can see their signs at our beautiful site at Airline Highway and I-12.

Here’s a chat with David Benton, arborist and Baton Rouge office leader, about what else, TREES!

David, what’s your favorite tree?

It’s a tough battle between 3 trees. The Swamp Chestnut Oak (Cow Oak), American Beech and the Southern Live Oak. If I had to choose between these 3, I would have to choose the Southern Live Oak!

Why do you support Baton Rouge Green?

I support Baton Rouge Green because I genuinely believe in your mission to educate, interact and inform the community of the importance of Green Infrastructure and the preservation of our unique Urban Forest. If we are to obtain and preserve a healthy Urban Forest within Baton Rouge, we need Baton Rouge Green to continue informing the public of its importance.

Why should others support Baton Rouge Green?

Others should support Baton Rouge Green because it is an organization comprised of dedicated individuals who truly want to give back and make an impact on the local community.

Favorite thing about Baton Rouge Green’s Living Roadways program?

It gives life to an otherwise dull, panorama lining these roads. Also, I love the species diversity and tree quality chosen for these sites.

How does the mission of Bayou Tree Service lend itself to supporting Baton Rouge Green?

Our company was founded with the mission of developing a symbiotic relationship between the community and its urban forest. Baton Rouge Green aligns with us through their dedication to tree preservation, Urban Reforesting, educating and informing the local community.

Thank you Bayou Tree Service and David Benton!

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