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LSU AgCenter Publication #1884  

Growing your own fruit can be profitable and satisfying, and many fruit trees can add beauty to your landscape. But you can't expect to grow quality fruit without caring for the plants. This publication explains how your success will depend largely on variety selection, soil management, pruning, fertilization, pest control and other cultural practices.

LSU AgCenter Publication #1234

A great guide for the home citrus enthusiast.  This 16-page, full-color guide includes recommended varieties and descriptions; tips on site selection, planting, spacing and pruning; and images of citrus insect pests and common citrus diseases

LSU AgCenter Publication #1978

Blueberries fit into any general home landscape design and can serve as hedges, borders or backgrounds. The blueberry’s native adaptation to both the soil and the climate of the Southeast makes it a productive fruit for Louisiana. Use these guidelines to successfully add blueberries to your home landscape.

LSU AgCenter Publication #1553

Blackberries and dewberries are native to Louisiana, and many commercial varieties are well adapted to growing conditions of the state. They can be profitable commercial fruit crops. Blackberries also can be grown in the home garden with few or no pesticides. Types, recommended varieties, location of site, soil preparation, fertilization, pruning, and weed, disease and insect control included.

LSU AgCenter Publication #2074

The pecan tree is prevalent in Louisiana as a shade tree in the landscape and also as a source of nuts for home use. The recommended varieties for home planting are listed and described in this publication