Baton Rouge Green's Tree Planting Guide (PDF)   

This simple, easy to understand brochure provides great instructions with helpful illustrations on how, where and when to plant trees, and even provides a helpful list of suggested tree species for the Baton Rouge area, with emphasis on natives. 








A Guide to Louisiana-Friendly Landscaping (PDF)  

This handbook provides helpful ideas, information and techniques to create and maintain a more environmentally friendly landscape. You will learn the basics of designing a landscape using carefully selected plants suited to Louisiana growing conditions. 

Order a bound, paper version of this handbook.





Butterfly Gardening for Louisianians 

LSU AgCenter Publication #2583

Many Louisiana gardeners are expressing their desire to attract butterflies to their yards. Learn how to create a butterfly-friendly environment with a few simple requirements: food, water, shelter and a place to reproduce. 






Backyard Composting  


This is a free and informative guide to composting from the LSU AgCenter.  In this updated guide you can download individual sections in PDF format.


What is composting? Composting occurs naturally nearly everywhere! Leaves drop from trees. Grass clippings are left after mowing the lawn. Plants and animals die. Over time, these organic materials break down or decompose. The rich, dark, soil-like material that results is called compost. Use these publications to help you learn more about composting and to help you determine which compost bin is best for your situation.

PDF version


A Baton Rouge Green & GBRAR Homeowner Landscape Resource Guide

This handy flyer provides quick, useful information to homeowners and realtors about what goes into the yard. The tri-fold brochure gives uncomplicated guidance and directs readers to these online resource pages for details on specific tree and landscape topics.





Soil pH & Tree Species


A very informative bulletin from the Southern Regional Extension Forestry Office (SREF).  This fact sheet is a great primer on pH as it relates to soils and how pH levels affect nutrient uptake.