The word volunteer has several meanings to Baton Rouge Green.

A plant or tree that appears spontaneously without having been intentionally planted is referred to as a volunteer.  This type of volunteer can sometimes cause a lot of problems in landscaping - showing up where they aren't wanted. 

And then there are volunteers: people who choose to share some of their free time helping make our world a better place.  These volunteers not only show up where and when they are wanted, but Baton Rouge Green would not exist without them.  They help this organization accomplish its goals in a variety of ways.  Please consider getting involved either with your school, church, or organization, or by yourself. 

Volunteer opportunities are always available:

  • Tree Plantings
  • Tree Sales
  • Tree Maintenance
  • Tree Farm
  • Special Events
  • Office Work
  • Building Maintenance

Please call the office or click here to contact us  give us a call at 225.381.0037 to talk about the possibilities!