Plant Smart

Plant the right tree, in the right place, give it good care and provide joy for generations to come.

How do you select the right tree? Ask yourself these questions:

  • How tall will the tree grow and how wide is its canopy? You don't want it to grow into nearby buildings or power lines.
  • Does it matter if the tree loses its leaves in the winter?  Shade is great during summer months but you might want more sun in the winter...or you might not.
  • How fast will the tree grow?  Fast growing trees don't always live as long as those that grow more slowly.
  • Will this tree get enough sun and water in its location? This is a given. Healthy trees need enough sun and water.
  • Does it matter if the tree drops leaves or fruit? This could make a huge difference when cleaning up your yard.
  • Is this tree appropriate for your zone?  See the Baton Rouge Tree Planting Guide for more information.
  • How far should the tree be planted from your home? Shorter trees should be planted closer to your house while taller trees should be planted farther away.
  • How wind-resistant is the tree you have chosen? When planting in our part of the world, it is good to consider wind-resistant trees.  A list is available from the Baton Rouge Green office.
  • Have you marked the location of your utilities? It's never a pleasant experience to dig into your water line!
  • Have any other questions? Check out our links page for more information.

Plant Smart is funded in part by the Greater Baton Rouge Association of Realtors.

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