Almost PICKIN’ Time! Volunteer at the Pick Event, Dec 9th!

Since 2013 Baton Rouge Green organized the City Citrus Pick Event each winter. At-home “Citrus Shepherds” who have well-established trees that produce more fruit than they can consume volunteer their trees to be harvested.

We mobilize and equip volunteer pickers to collect this fruit, which is then donated to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. The fresh fruit, grown and harvested entirely by volunteers, is then distributed throughout the Food Bank network to families in need. Many of these families rarely receive fresh fruit from food pantries.

The Pick Event has become of our most-loved events…the number of volunteer trees and pickers has nearly doubled each year. In 2016, 80 volunteers helped harvest 6,300 lbs of fruit! 

Saturday, December 9th
8:30am – Noonish
Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank: 10600 South Choctaw
Breakfast to be provided!

Special thanks to Lamar Advertising of Baton Rouge and Bofinger’s Tree Service for their support of the Pick Event!

As always,

Sign Up HERE to Volunteer for the 2017 Pick Event!

Learn more about City Citrus here.

Baton Rouge Green+ Clegg’s Tree Sale, Saturday, Oct 21st at Siegen Lane Location ONLY!

Baton Rouge Green and Clegg’s Nursery have teamed up for a Tree Sale, just in time for tree planting season, on Saturday, October 21st, at Clegg’s Siegen Lane location ONLY, during regular business hours: 8a to 5:30p.

Clegg’s will stock up on the hard-to-find native trees and shrubs that Baton Rouge Green experts encourage citizens to use in their landscapes, such as Sweet Bay Magnolia, PawPaw, Silver Bell and several varieties of fruit trees.

Baton Rouge Green will tag their favorites and Clegg’s will donate 20% of the proceeds of all “Baton Rouge Green Approved” trees back to the organization!

Baton Rouge Green tree and plant experts will also be on hand to answer questions and talk with shoppers.

Thanks to Clegg’s Nursery!






Trees & Shrubs available:


3gal Japanese Maple
4gal Swamp Red Maple
3gal Pawpaw
3gal American Beautyberry
3gal American Hornbeam
3gal Common Buttonbush
5gal Chinese Fringe Tree
6.5gal Native Fringe Tree
3gal Key Lime
3gal Brown Select Satsuma
3gal Owari Satsuma
3gal Meyer Lemon
3gal Ruby Red Grapefruit
3gal Summersweet
3gal Parsley Hawthorne
3gal Mayhaw
3gal Swamp Titi
3gal Common Persimmon
4gal Brown Turkey Fig
4gal Celeste Fig
3gal Sweet Kumquat
3gal Two-Wing Silverbell
15gal Dahoon Holly (male)
3gal Possumhaw Holly
3gal Native Yaupon
3gal Starbush
3gal Virginia Willow
1.3qt Soft Rush
5gal Natchez Crape Myrtle
15gal Teddy Bear Southern Magnolia
7gal Alta Southern Magnolia
3gal Evergreen Sweetbay Magnolia (single trunk)
3gal Southern Waxmyrtle
3gal Black Gum
15gal Black Gum
3gal Sweet Olive
10gal Sweet Olive
3gal Spruce Pine
3gal Swamp Chestnut Oak
5gal Nutall Oak
15gal Nutall Oak
5gal Shummard Oak
15gal Shummard Oak
5gal Live Oak
15gal Live Oak
3gal Native Honeysuckle Azalea
3gal Winged Sumac
5gal Bald Cypress
3gal Pond Cypress
10gal Winged Elm
1gal Climax Blueberry
3gal Climax Blueberry
1gal Premier Blueberry
3gal Premier Blueberry
1gal Tifblue Blueberry
3gal Tifblue Blueberry






Baton Rouge Green to Distribute Free Trees to Flood Victims in Denham Springs on 10/28


The Louisiana Tree Recovery Campaign is a Partnership between Baton Rouge Green, The Arbor Day Foundation, Texas Roadhouse and FedEx

Denham Springs, LA, October 28, 2017 – Baton Rouge Green, in a partnership with The Arbor Day Foundation, Texas Roadhouse, and FedEx, will distribute up to 1,000 new trees on Saturday, October 28th, to Livingston Parish residents. These new trees, in 3-gallon containers, will be free of charge, and help to replace trees damaged and destroyed by the 2016 Flood.

“The 2016 Floods damaged homes, properties, and impacted our environment,” Said Robert Seemann, program director of Baton Rouge Green. “With this tree giveaway, Baton Rouge Green hopes to help offset landscape damages and canopy loss in our area.”

The Louisiana Tree Recovery Campaign, an effort of Arbor Day Foundation’s Community Tree Recovery, a national program underwritten by FedEx and foundation members, aims to replace trees in communities affected by natural disasters throughout the United States. The program assisted more than 200 communities in planting or distributing more than 4.6 million trees since its inception in 2012.

Between August 11 and August 14, 2016, more than 20 inches of rain fell in the areas of Denham Springs and Baton Rouge, LA. This deluge led to the flooding of more than 60,000 homes and the loss of 13 lives. This tree distribution designed to help these affected residents replace trees lost by the flooding. Baton Rouge Green staff and volunteers will be distributing the trees from 10am to 2pm at Denham Springs High School. Trees are limited to 2 per household.

“Trees are assets to a community when properly planted and maintained,” said Dan Lambe, president, Arbor Day Foundation. “They help to improve the visual appeal of a neighborhood or shopping district, increase property values by up to 18%, reduce home cooling costs, remove air pollutants, and provide wildlife habitat, among many other benefits.”

“At Texas Roadhouse, our community focus extends well beyond the four walls of our restaurants. We are honored to support the Arbor Day Foundation’s tree recovery program”, said Travis Doster, Senior Director of Public Relations at Texas Roadhouse.

“At FedEx, we recognize that our commitment to customers and communities extends beyond the packages we deliver,” said Jenny Robertson, director of Citizenship & Reputation Management at FedEx. “Through our giving platform FedEx Cares, we are proud to support the tree recovery program by helping restore forests while bringing healing and hope to communities hit hard by natural disasters.”

To donate to the recovery efforts supported by this campaign or other across the country please visit  With your help, we can begin to restore this nation’s beautiful landscapes, including the state of Louisiana. Funding for this program has been provided by Texas Roadhouse and FedEx.

About the Arbor Day Foundation:  The Arbor Day Foundation is a million member nonprofit conservation and education organization with the mission to inspire people to plant, nurture and celebrate trees. More information is available at

About Baton Rouge Green:  Baton Rouge Green is a 501(C)3 organization which leads, educates and inspires the planting and sustaining of urban forests and green spaces. The organization is supported in large part by dedicated Baton Rouge community members, and local businesses and industry. Find out more at

Register Your Citrus Tree by September 30 for the 2017 Pick Event!

Register your citrus trees to be harvested and Baton Rouge Green’s City Citrus project will send volunteers to your home on December 9th during the 4th Annual Pick Event to carefully pick your fruit and transport it to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. In 2016 we gathered 6500 lbs for families in need…let’s top that in 2017!

Please register by September 30th!


Learn more about The Pick Event here.


Living Roadways Sponsor Spotlight: Bayou Tree Service

Bayou Tree Service has been a supporter of Baton Rouge Green for many years, but in 2017 came aboard as a Living Roadways sponsor for the first time. You can see their signs at our beautiful site at Airline Highway and I-12.

Here’s a chat with David Benton, arborist and Baton Rouge office leader, about what else, TREES!

David, what’s your favorite tree?

It’s a tough battle between 3 trees. The Swamp Chestnut Oak (Cow Oak), American Beech and the Southern Live Oak. If I had to choose between these 3, I would have to choose the Southern Live Oak!

Why do you support Baton Rouge Green?

I support Baton Rouge Green because I genuinely believe in your mission to educate, interact and inform the community of the importance of Green Infrastructure and the preservation of our unique Urban Forest.  If we are to obtain and preserve a healthy Urban Forest within Baton Rouge, we need Baton Rouge Green to continue informing the public of its importance.

Why should others support Baton Rouge Green?

Others should support Baton Rouge Green because it is an organization comprised of dedicated individuals who truly want to give back and make an impact on the local community.

Favorite thing about Baton Rouge Green’s Living Roadways program?

It gives life to an otherwise dull, panorama lining these roads. Also, I love the species diversity and tree quality chosen for these sites.

How does the mission of Bayou Tree Service lend itself to supporting Baton Rouge Green?

Our company was founded with the mission of developing a symbiotic relationship between the community and its urban forest. Baton Rouge Green aligns with us through their dedication to tree preservation, Urban Reforesting, educating and informing the local community.

Thank you Bayou Tree Service and David Benton! 

Visit Bayou Tree Service at