2500 lbs of Citrus Fruit Harvested and Donated by 50+ Volunteers at 4th City Citrus Pick Event

Baton Rouge, LA, December 9, 2017 – Baton Rouge Green held our 4th Annual City Citrus Pick Event on December 9th, with 50+ volunteers harvesting over 2500 lbs of citrus fruit from volunteer Citrus Shepherds. A day after the famous Snow Day of 2017, our volunteers were not to be deterred! Thanks to their efforts, and the generosity of over 24 residential Citrus Shepherds who offered their trees, we were able to help provide much needed fresh fruit for families in need this holiday season.  The fruit, packaged and donated to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, will be distributed through their food pantry network. Food Bank officials report that this fruit provided by Baton Rouge Green’s City Citrus program is often the only fresh fruit they are able to provide their customers during the winter. Thanks to our wonderful partners at the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, Lamar Advertising and Bofinger’s Tree Service!

Almost PICKIN’ Time! Volunteer at the Pick Event, Dec 9th!

Since 2013 Baton Rouge Green organized the City Citrus Pick Event each winter. At-home “Citrus Shepherds” who have well-established trees that produce more fruit than they can consume volunteer their trees to be harvested.

We mobilize and equip volunteer pickers to collect this fruit, which is then donated to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. The fresh fruit, grown and harvested entirely by volunteers, is then distributed throughout the Food Bank network to families in need. Many of these families rarely receive fresh fruit from food pantries.

The Pick Event has become of our most-loved events…the number of volunteer trees and pickers has nearly doubled each year. In 2016, 80 volunteers helped harvest 6,300 lbs of fruit! 

Saturday, December 9th
8:30am – Noonish
Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank: 10600 South Choctaw
Breakfast to be provided!

Special thanks to Lamar Advertising of Baton Rouge and Bofinger’s Tree Service for their support of the Pick Event!

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Sign Up HERE to Volunteer for the 2017 Pick Event!

Learn more about City Citrus here.

Register Your Citrus Tree by September 30 for the 2017 Pick Event!

Register your citrus trees to be harvested and Baton Rouge Green’s City Citrus project will send volunteers to your home on December 9th during the 4th Annual Pick Event to carefully pick your fruit and transport it to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. In 2016 we gathered 6500 lbs for families in need…let’s top that in 2017!

Please register by September 30th!


Learn more about The Pick Event here.


2016 City Citrus Pick Event Scheduled for December 10th

Join Baton Rouge Green with your friends, family, and community for our 3rd annual City Citrus Pick Event on December 10th, 2016!

Each year, we pair volunteer pickers with residential citrus trees that would go unpicked if not for this event. Last year, 39 volunteers harvested and donated over 5,300 lbs of citrus in only a half day. Come out and help us best this number in 2016! This is a great event for all ages!

Fruit Pickers will meet with the Baton Rouge Green Team at the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank for breakfast and coffee at 8:30a.m., where we will learn about Baton Rouge’s premier food pantry and its recovery in the wake of the recent flooding.

After breakfast, all participants will be broken into groups according to ability to transport larger quantities of fruit to the nearest drop-off point. These drop-off points help free up the pickers while making this event flow more smoothly. They are made possible by the generosity of Baton Rouge’s very own, Bofinger’s Tree Service, sponsor of Pick Event 2016.

Update: Registration for Pick Event 2016 has been closed. Thank you all for your contributions to Baton Rouge Green and its programming.

We’ll see you on Saturday! And as always, #SHARETHEFRUIT