2010 Rosewood Subdivision

Baton Rouge Green partnered with Habitat for Humanity to plant trees at newly constructed homes in this subdivision off of Burbank Drive. BRG was able to accommodate the wishes of the homeowners for specific trees such as oaks, magnolias, and fruit trees. BRG led the tree planting while dozens of volunteers installed flowerbeds, shrubs and laid sod. Often Habitat’s landscaping resources are quite limited; BRG provided 12 trees, mulch and shrubs as well as technical assistance for the landscaping project. Landscaping is vitally important to make a house begin to look and feel like a home; getting homeowners involved in fostering their immediate environment instills pride in homeownership that may carry over into the maintenance of their actual house. Twenty-five volunteers from the community as well as Habitat homeowners were trained on proper planting and maintenance methods.